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Others have certainly been able to acquire this same San Francisco sourdough French Bread Style starter -- like the bakers in the San Francisco Bay area--it's not mine exclusively. But the difference is, when you get mine you'll have something nobody else really gives--and that's what I call:

Free Unlimited Tech Support

Extremely detailed instructions that guide you through the entire process of transforming a packet of dry starter into a fabulous crusty loaf of bread plus all the email support you want or need -- forever!

When I first acquired this sourdough starter, I had very little to go by and was scared to death that I would kill it -- and I had paid a great deal of money for it -- with no guarantees! If I had had ten pages of written instructions that took me step-by-step through the entire process, I would have had lots more fun those first few months. I did learn by trial and error -- and I kept my starter alive -- but you don't have to re-invent the wheel because my instructions (and answers to any questions you have) will guide you through the process and insure your success!

This sourdough starter is the real thing! The bread you make will have the very same unique flavor and the same wonderful crust and the same rustic texture as any San Francisco French Sourdough Bread you have ever put in your mouth!

Your family and friends will not believe you baked this sourdough bread yourself when you serve it to them. Not only does it taste fabulous, bread made with this sourdough starter is beautiful to look at too! You can bake it in a round shape like the artisan bakers, or you can bake it in a loaf pan just like regular bread and it will be just as good!

When you buy the Original San Francisco sourdough starter, you'll get more than just the wonderful starter. You'll also receive:

The breads you'll make will be genuine San Francisco Sourdoughs, because the starter you will use has the two vital ingredients for a genuine San Francisco sourdough starter culture: the natural, wild yeast from the hills of San Francisco AND the native lactobacillus that completes the symbiotic relationship which produces that wonderful sour tang that means it is genuine sourdough bread.

I've been baking bread for more years than I care to admit. I have used many sourdough starters over the years -- and I was always disappointed. But this is THE ONE! You won't believe what you can do with this starter.

More good news! You won't ever have to buy already-made sourdough bread again! You can use this starter for the rest of your life, and it's truly easy to make.

Along with your starter, I will send you much more than a recipe for San Francisco Sourdough Bread. You will get extremely detailed instructions for activating the starter, for making the dough, for giving your dough the perfect conditions for rising and for baking your bread to perfection. I send these instructions so that you will have perfect sourdough bread on your very first try!

You will not believe how good a grilled cheese sandwich can be until you make one with your own sourdough and some young Asiago cheese. My family loves my San Francisco Sourdough Bread for breakfast with honey or jelly. And if you spread your lightly toasted sourdough with roasted garlic, you'll have an incredible gourmet treat which will make a unique addition to almost any dinner!

You can be sure that the starter you receive contains only flour and water and the special wild yeast combination that you need to make your own San Francisco Sourdough Bread. There are no preservatives or additives of any kind.

If you like praise and awed-looking expressions from your family and friends, you'll want to bake some authentic San Francisco Sourdough Bread.

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- Linda Wilbourne

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