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The Funnel Measuring Cup

great for pouring pancake batter precisely...


If you had told me before I got it how often I would use this cup, I would not have believed you!  It is SO nice to be able to really pour precisely where you want to pour from a measuring cup.  Especially for no-drip pouring batter into muffin tins and pancakes into the hot pan. Yeah, I've got a drawer full of funnels too, but for all but the very smallest openings, this cup works just as well--if not better!  It has a measuring capacity of 3 1/2 cups and is marked in quarters of cups, ounces, and milliliters. 

I love finding unique kitchen tools (toys to me!) that are really useful and are definite multi-taskers.  And this one was brand new to me when I saw it just a few months ago.  Had to get some to share.  You need at least one in your kitchen and its price is so low, you can get one for your mother or your best friend too.




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