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Dough Rising Bucket with Straight Sides

Alton Brown recommends that you allow your dough to rise in a container with straight sides--otherwise, how will you ever know when it has actually doubled? It's all a guessing game in a mixing bowl that slopes from very small at the bottom to w-i-d-e at the top. Just put your dough in one of these handy buckets with a rubber band (or masking tape) marking the top of the dough and there will be absolutely no doubt about when it has doubled. Made of food-grade polyethylene, it is heavy-duty and dishwasher safe. All this for only $19.99 for the 6-Quart size and $17.99 for the 3.5-Quart. Plus, it comes with a tight-fitting lid, which expands its uses to great refrigerator/freezer storage for just about anything! I use mine when I make homemade soup or chili in a big batch (doesn't take much more time with all the stuff out and the kitchen messy). And then, when I don't want to cook, I just just nuke it and sit on the deck instead of cooking.

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